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    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    I'm a Top 20 Biblioblogger!

    For December anyhow - somehow I've gone from number 56 to number 20. I'm greatly encouraged by this actually. At times I've felt a bit on the margins of the Biblioblogging community (as I suppose "film" is), so it's nice to get some recognition. The thing is though, that I'm not really sure why I've had this sudden jump, and suspect that it might not last for long. I guess I'll find out in February.

    Thanks to NT Wrong for his hard work on this.


    • At 1:57 pm, January 04, 2009, Blogger Tommy Wasserman said…

      I also have some doubts about the stats. I have checked Alexa occasionally and noted a certain instability in the statistics. For example there is a measurement that shows a value for the three latest months and for my blog that went from +65% to +35 or something just in two weeks which seems impossible... (On the other hand I am not a matematician.)

    • At 6:36 am, January 05, 2009, Blogger wael said…

    • At 9:03 am, January 05, 2009, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Thanks for your comments,

      FWIW, I don't doubt the stats in anyway, I'm just surprised by them. I did have a bit of a jump in December, but then I imagine many sites discussing the New Testament do as things focus in a bit on Christmas.



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