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    Friday, December 12, 2008

    More on Aronofsky's Noah Film

    There's a little more news on Darren Aronofsky's plans for his Noah film. Aronofsky purportedly finished the script back in September, he's now revealed that he's planning to release it first as a graphic novel. Aronofsky is interviewed by Rope of Silicon, and talks about the film briefly:
    RoS: Looking forward to the projects you have coming up, what is the situation with the Noah project?

    DA: We have a script actually, it is a script but there is more work to do. We’re actually going to do a graphic novel of it right now, we’re just starting it, and we’re hiring a writer.

    RoS: And are you shopping the script around to studios and actors…?

    DA: There is an actor attached, but I’m not going to say who, but he’s a big movie star.

    RoS: Steve Carell… [joking]

    DA: [With a smile] Yeah, exactly… Eventually we’ll set it up, but we’re just figuring it out. It’s a very difficult film to get made and we’re slowly working on it to get it put together.
    I wonder if part of the thinking behind the graphic novel idea is its similarity to storyboarding? And, of course, it's also a cheap way to test out the market for such a film, whilst simultaneously building that market up.

    The September interview with /film is also contains slightly odd quotation:
    It's the end of the world and it's the second most famous ship after the Titanic... I think it's really timely because it's about environmental apocalypse which is the biggest theme, for me, right now for what's going on on this planet. So I think it's got these big, big themes that connect with us. Noah was the first environmentalist. He's a really interesting character.
    Second most famous?

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