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    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    The Bible's Buried Secrets

    Jim West has the latest in his series of posts about a forthcoming Bible documentary on PBS. The Bible's Buried Secrets is due to air on November 18th at 8pm.

    The "temporary landing site for this film has a preview video which suggests that this will cover similar territory to Robert Beckford's Channel 4 documentary Who Wrote the Bible and that the slant will be somewhat similar. Indeed this quote from the landing site practically even mentions that film's title!
    A powerful exploration of science, scripture, and scholarship, The Bible's Buried Secrets examines the most pressing issues in biblical archeology: Who actually wrote the Hebrew Bible? Is there a real historical core to stories of Abraham, Moses and the Exodus, and King David, a warrior and writer of psalms, and his son, Solomon, who built the great temple in Jerusalem? And beyond the question of historical authenticity, what is the deeper meaning of these stories and why do they resonate today? Provocative new answers emerge from the program's investigation of decades of literary research and archeological investigation in the Near East.



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