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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    More on Secrets of The Cross

    Channel 5's religious documentary series Secrets of the Cross continues tomorrow night with Mary Magdalene: Saint or Sinner The Channel Five website doesn't have a dedicated page to this yet, but the listings describe the show as follows:
    Religious documentary focusing on the life and legend of Mary Magdalene. Recorded in the Bible as the first person to see Christ after the Resurrection, Mary's exact role in Christianity has long been debated. This film examines the scant details of her life and questions the theory that she was deliberately sidelined by the Christian church in order to protect the male hierarchy.
    Filmmakers CTVC, however, have published their page and it summarises it thus:
    Mary Magdalene’s vision of a risen Jesus was the spark that ignited the flame of Christianity, turning the Jesus Movement from a minor Jewish sect into a new world faith. Without her there may never have been Christianity.

    Yet strangely, rather than celebrate her as a founder of the faith, the Gospels say almost nothing about her, the early Christian church branded her a whore and western art and literature have constantly reinvented her down the centuries. She remains one of the most mysterious women in history.

    This programme goes in search of the real Mary Magdalene and asks whether all the conspiracy theories hide an even greater truth.
    Interestingly, both synopses suggest the documentary will be calling into question the theories about Mary popularised by The Da Vinci Code. As with Secrets of the Jesus Tomb it appears that this film will debunk the debunkers.

    I'll hopefully review that at some point in the middle of the week. Meanwhile, I've written a different review of Who Really Killed Jesus for ReJesus. I'm both surprised and disappointed that none of the other bibliobloggers have published their reviews or thoughts yet. It was a serious documentary which will have engaged viewers that might not ordinarily be interested in Biblical Studies. Mark Goodacre has promised to post something, but otherwise it seems like bit of an opportunity missed.

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    • At 2:19 pm, September 16, 2008, Blogger Patrick said…

      I think the comment "the early Christian church branded her a whore" is a bit of a generalization, as Mary Magdalene being identified with the woman caught in adultery is only pretty much a Western thing; the Eastern Church claims that it always saw them as two different people.

      I do wish I could have access to these documentaries though (being in Japan and all); it sounds rather interesting.

    • At 11:01 am, September 22, 2008, Blogger Matt Page said…

      T Hanks Patrick. Yeah that's a fair criticism, though there are very few Eastern Christians in the UK.



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