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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Bible Society Releases Passion DVD

    The Bible Society released their resources on BBC1's The Passion today. The major news in their 3 disc DVD (above right) which contains all four episodes and a number of extras. The site actually gives two list of extras, one for teachers and the other for churches, and it's a little unclear as to whether this means that you can opt for one or the other or whether both lots of extras are included in the one set. What is clear is that the third disc is actually a CD-ROM, the notes from which are available to purchase pre-printed (above left).

    The full list of extras are listed as follows:
    For Teachers:
    DVD features special Clips for Schools menus, giving instant access to clips identified in the classroom resources.

    The CD-ROM - features a range of RE creative learning activities produced by top educational writers and advisors providing

    * Fully developed classroom resources linked to film clips for Key Stage 3, GCSE and 16+ general RE - all keyed into national guidelines and criteria for learning objectives and assessment.
    * Worksheets and handouts to project and copy.
    * Reflective activities and discussion starters.
    * Ideas for collective worship and animated slide show suitable for collective worship and class use.
    * A unique, dramatic and inspiring perspective on the person of Jesus, Holy Week and Easter and the Christian faith.
    * Creative viewing and thinking strategies using the DVD.
    * Certificate 12, Region 2 PAL, Length: 180 mins.
    * Includes English subtitles.
    * Teaching resources also available separately as a 44-page printed book.

    For Churches:
    * The CD-ROM features a range of stimulating and creative resources to integrate the BBC series in your church, home group, Lent programmes and Christian enquirers' groups.
    * Step-by-step discussion guide through all four episodes with the option of dividing the material into six Lent sessions.
    * Reflective activities and creative discussion starters.
    * Creative viewing and thinking strategies using the DVD.
    * Ideas for use in worship
    One bonus of this release is that "the DVD may be shown in home, educational, church and cultural settings provided there is no admission charge" which is actually very rare.

    The BBC DVD goes on sale next month, but at the same price (RRP£19.99) and seemingly without this sets host of extras I'm not really sure what the point is. It does have better cover art (I don't really like this set's cover at all), and I suppose it may be available more cheaply. For example Amazon are selling it for just £12.98 at the minute.

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