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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Jesus Christ, Superstar at Loughborough Parish Church

    As I live in the centre of Loughborough, my nearest church is the historic Parish church - All Saints with Holy Trinity Church. The current building dates from the 14th century though it seems likely that the site once housed a Norman and perhaps even a Saxon predecessor. The other day I was cutting through the church grounds and heard a rendition of "Everything's Alright" from Jesus Christ, Superstar. Having previously seen the rock-opera play there about 5 years ago I hoped this meant that it was in for a re-run, and yesterday's glance at the Parish noticeboard confirmed my suspicions were correct.

    The production will be showing from 24th to 26th September starting at 7:30 with tickets available through Loughborough Town Hall and seats allocated on the evening on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be £8.50 with concessions available on the Wednesday (24th) for £7.50. It's the work of P Productions who are apparently linked to local amateur theatre group Greasepaint who I believe were involved last time as well.

    Having seen the production 5 years I have quite high hopes for it this time. As the piece is a tricky one to sing there will no doubt be the odd imperfection, but all of that is more than compensated for by the setting. Last time's performance made excellent use of the mediaeval setting including memorable use of the iron gates inside the western door (pictured). Certainly the production was far more atmospheric than most I have seen and hopefully this latest version will combine the best of the previous production with some good new innovations as well.



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