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    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Son of Morning
    Comedy About a Man Mistaken for Jesus

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a reader query about a film where a man was mistaken for Jesus, and mentioned the 1961 British film Whistle Down the Wind which starred Alan Bates. I've no idea whether that was the title the person who asked the question had in mind, but now it seems like there will be another variation on that theme.

    According to Empire, Son of Morning is a comedy about an "ad copywriter who returns home after his parents divorce, only to find that, following a series of environmental disasters, he’s mistaken for Jesus". A number of cast members have already been named including Joseph Cross, Jesse Bradford, Steven Weber, Bob Odenkirk, Bernard Herrman, Heather Graham, Barbara Hershey, Tim Curry, Lorraine Bracco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Stephen Root. Cross will also produce with Yaniv Raz directing his own script.

    There's also been an interesting change in the title. Originally this film was due to be called Son of Mourning which has connotations of "Man of Sorrows", but now it seems that the title has changed to Son of Morning - a possible reference to Isaiah 14:12 which many interpret as being about Satan. I'm curious to see how greater shift in the filmmakers' thinking this represents.


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