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    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    New Films to be Based on Enoch
    The Battle For Eternity

    I've just received word of a "quintology" of films that are "in the very beginning stages of pre-pre production" and aiming to "visually display... the unseen spiritual realms". The Battle For Eternity series will start with two films based on the Book of Enoch, before covering material from Revelation in the final three movies. (Technically, I suppose, the Enoch entries in the series won't actually be Bible films, unless, that is, you're part of the Ethiopian Orthodox church).

    Reading between the lines of the press release I was sent it appears that there's very little to this project at this stage - just a group of people with some odd ideas trying to cobble together a screenplay or five. So I'm not hugely excited by this project. Still, I suppose you never know. It may defy all the odds and be half decent movie one day. And if so, it would be the first film / series of films to be based on 1 Enoch which is, at least, worth noting I guess.

    There is, already, an official website, but there's not a great deal on it at this stage other than an annoying futuristic voice over and the uninspiring image above.



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