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    Monday, April 28, 2008

    The New Statesman on Tom Wright

    Photo by Jordan Cooper, used under a Creative Commons Licence

    I'm a bit pushed for time this morning, but I just have a moment to post a link to this interview with Tom Wright which is from the New Statesman. The interviewer is a little too taken aback by the fact that Wright didn't arrive in all his regalia to offer a great deal of substance, but there are one or two interesting points.

    I must admit though that I'm a little flummoxed by just how much hatred there appears to be against Christians at the moment, particularly when given the chance to comment on web articles as they are here. I agree that Wright is too hyperbolic with his phrase "militant atheists", and I'm certainly not denying that the church has done some horrendous things in the past, nor that it still has it's faults at present. But there seems to be an increasing amount of vitriol against Christians on the web at the moment, and it does genuinely make me wonder why so many people want to spend so much of their time knocking us in such a full-on manner. Have we really hurt so many people?


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