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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Jesus der Film (1986)

    Thanks to Joel Wilson for bringing this one to my attention. It appears that a director called Michael Brynntrup filmed Jesus der Film on Super8 back in 1986. Brynntrup has a website detailing his various films, and so there's a special section given over to this one. Amongst the information that's provided is the fact that the film's full title is actually Life and Death and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It's less clear about the format of the film. One the one hand it talks about it being "125 (84) Min.", but on the other it seems to talk about various episodes. I suspect that it is a single film, but that the word episode is being used for what would normally be called scenes. There are a few photos as well.

    Perhaps the best thing about the site, however, is that it gives you the (full?) script in both English and German. I'm not sure how widely known this film is, and will probably drop Thomas Langkau a line to find out if he knows about it. I'll try and find out more on this one and report back later if I discover anything more.


    • At 5:12 pm, May 04, 2008, Blogger Kevin C. Neece said…

      Stellar! I'm looking forward to more info on this one. It's interesting to see this done - apparently in a spare, black & white fashion similar to "Il Vangelo Secondo Mateo," just two years prior to "The Last Temptation of Christ". "Vangelo" was definitely an influence on "Last Temptation" and looks to have been on this film as well. Very intriguing!

      Actually, come to think of it, these films came 20 years after "Il Vangelo" and, in similar fashion, "Last Temptation" has been a strong influence on Jesus films 20 years after its release. Wonder what that contagion influence will look like 20 years from now?

    • At 2:36 pm, May 06, 2008, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Hmmm, I'm not sure, the stylised cross, and the way the footage looks like it's a silent film makes me think that this is even more of an artsy techniques movie than Pasolini's. I'd imagine there's some influence of course, but it would be interesting to see just how much.



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