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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    The Passion Update
    Trailer, Radio Times, Broadcast Times, etc.

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    The BBC publicity machine is cranking up for The Passion. The trailer is now online at the BBC's sub-site, and, I assume, is also doing the rounds on TV. It's only 42 seconds, but it gives a nice taster of what's to come, and will hopefully get people's attention.

    It also reminded me of one piece of casting news I've been meaning to share ever since the première: the role of Annas, often one of the least sympathetic characters, is to be played by Denis Lawson best known for his role as John Jarndyce in the BBC's recent Bleak House. It's another piece of casting that demonstrates how an actor's previous roles affect their other work. Jarndyce is the epitome of good in Bleak House, and casting him to play someone who has, perhaps, had a bad reputation in the past will probably go a great deal to rehabilitating him.

    Strangely, though, there's no news of when the final episode will start. Both Radio Times online and the website's episode guide are giving the time of the final episode as TBA. I'd been hoping to leave announcing these times until there was a complete set of data, but for those who like to plan ahead here's the information as it currently stands:
    Episode 1: Sun. 16 Mar. 8pm, BBC1 (60 mins)
    Episode 2: Mon. 17 Mar. 8.30pm, BBC1 (30 mins)
    Episode 3: Fri. 21 Mar. 9.00pm, BBC1 (30 mins)
    Episode 4: Sun. 23 Mar. TBA, BBC1 (60 mins)
    (Update: Final broadcast times are here.)
    Elsewhere, however, things are progressing nicely. This week's Radio Times has it as its cover story, with a good article on the inside, and a nice shot of the cast. There's also a brief sidebar where Mark Goodacre talks briefly about some of the earlier Jesus Films; Gospel According to St. Matthew, Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus of Nazareth, Life of Brian, Last Temptation of Christ and The Passion of the Christ.

    Speaking of Mark Goodacre he's also highlighted this week's edition of Start the Week which featured writer Frank Deasy. It's still available to listen to online. The section relevant to The Passion starts at around the 24 minute mark.



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