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    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    The Passion - My Review

    Just a quick one this morning as I'm meant to be looking after my daughter. My review of The Passion has gone online at rejesus. I've actually only seen half of it so far so I'd like to reserve the right to change my mind come Easter Monday!

    Giles Fraser has also posted his thoughts on the film. The line "Nick Clegg with a beard" (which I imagine is totally meaningless to anyone outside of the UK and most of us in it) was one he'd already come up with half an hour after the première. Suffice to say it took me a heck of a lot longer just to get my opening line.



    • At 10:12 pm, March 16, 2008, Blogger Unknown said…


      Liked your review of The Passion on ReJesus. You might be interested to know that we are also covering it on Thinking Faith, the British Jesuits' new online journal (www.thinkingfaith.org) - we've lined up four theologians to review the series episode by episode, culminating with Gerry O'Collins SJ - who has written a number of books on the Resurrection - commenting on Part Four. So far, so positive. The review of Part One, by Michael Barnes SJ, is online now.

      Best wishes

      Peter Scally SJ
      Editor, Thinking Faith

    • At 4:10 pm, August 10, 2009, Anonymous Peter T Chattaway said…


    • At 4:48 pm, August 10, 2009, Blogger Matt Page said…



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