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    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Jesus Flickfest 3

    Jesus FlickFest starts in Winnipeg tonight, and brings together what is, as far as I know, the largest number of Jesus film screenings in one place. It's run by Bill Millarworks with Knox United Church, Winnipeg, (Canada) and comes off the back of two successful festivals in recent years.

    The schedule is mouthwatering. I would dearly love to be there. If only it wasn't on the other side of the world!
    Monday, March 17 University of Winnipeg
    Jesus' Friends?
    Judas 6:30 UW1
    Gil Amici di Gesù – Giuda [Close to Jesus]. 8:30 UW1

    Je vous salu, Marie [Hail Mary] 6:30 UW2. NC.
    Jesus of Montreal. 8:30 UW2.

    Tuesday, March 18 University of Winnpeg
    Quo Vadis 6:30 UW1
    The Last Temptation of Christ. 6:30 UW2

    Wednesday, March 19 University of Winnipeg
    Silents of the Lamb 1
    Intolerance: Love's Struggle through the Ages 6:30 UW1

    Super Duo
    Jesus Christ Superstar. 6:30 UW2
    Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 [UK] 8:15 UW2

    Thursday, March 20 University of Winnipeg
    Festival Première.
    Son of Man 6:30 & 8:00 UW: Convocation Hall

    Friday, March 21. Knox Centre [400 Edmonton]
    Jesus & [non?]violence
    Jesus Camp 1:00 K1
    Hill Number One 2:30 K1
    Color of the Cross 3:45 K1
    Seduto all sua destra [Black Jesus] 6:30 K1
    Johnny Got his Gun 8:15 K1. NC

    Silents of the Lamb 2

    From the Manger to the Cross F 1:00 K2
    The life and passion of Jesus Christ]. 2:30 K2
    The King of Kings. 3:45 K2
    Ben Hur: A tale of the Christ 6:30 K2

    Il Messia [The Messiah]. 1:00 K3
    Il Vangelo secondo Matteo [The Gospel according to St. Matthew]. 3:45 K3

    Feature Film
    Son of Man 7:30 K3

    Saturday, March 22 Knox Centre [400 Edmonton]

    Tunes & Tunes
    The Miracle Maker. 1:00 K1
    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 4:00 K1
    Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus. 6:30 K1
    Godspell. 8:15 K1

    A to Z
    The Nativity Story 1:00 K2
    The Passion of the Christ 3:00 K2. NC

    The Book of Life. 6:00 K2
    Life of Brian 8:15 K2

    Diverse Images
    Jesus. 1:00 K3
    Color of the Cross S3:30 K
    The Last Temptation of Christ. 5:30 K3. NC

    Feature Film
    Son of Man S 8:30 K3

    Admission is by donation. All welcome. Please note that not all films are family friendly - NC indicates not suitable for children.
    I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of details. ALl I know is what is posted at Bill's blog The Old Bill (in particular the final schedule page). But for anyone who might be considering travelling to this then Bill does have a link for emailing him.


    • At 7:47 pm, March 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      hi, i stumbled on your post while i was looking for a link to Jesus FilmFest 2009. i've actually attended every Jesus FilmFest here in Winnipeg Canada and it has made my Lenten journey fantastic every time out.

    • At 9:48 pm, March 27, 2009, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Glad you enjoy it. If I had the money to fly all over the world, it's certainly something I'd do as well. Hope you enjoy it this year.



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