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    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    FaithArts on The Passion

    See all posts on this film.
    As I've been trying to keep my ear to the ground ('scuse the pun) for reviews and comments on The Passion I've been kicking myself for failing to mention Brendan O'Regan's coverage of this production over at FaithArts. Regular readers may recall that I mentioned Brendan's site last year and added it to my blogroll, so it's a little embarrassing to have forgotten, especially as he was so good as to drop me a reminder a few days ago.

    As far as I can see there's no permanent link (yet) to the individual posts on the film, so for now you just have to visit the main blog page.

    Meanwhile, The Guardian is reporting the series' viewing figures as follows:
    BBC1's Easter drama The Passion finished with the highest audience of its four-part run, 4.9 million viewers, a 21% share at 7.30pm.

    The series, which starred Joseph Mawle as Jesus and James Nesbitt as Pontius Pilate, began with 4.1 million viewers last Sunday before dipping to 3.2 million for its second part and 3.7 million for its third instalment on Good Friday.
    There's also a review of this film from the Sunday Times that I'd missed before.

    Incidentally, the latest issue of the C of E's Reader Magazine has just been published including a brief piece I wrote about The Passion.



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