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    Friday, March 14, 2008

    Broadcast Times for The Passion

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    OK. Apologies for those readers who are not in the UK to witness the opening two episodes of The Passion this weekend. More varied service will resume soon I promise. Meanwhile Radio Times has finally released the schedule for the final two episodes that I wasn't able to detail earlier. It also seems that during Easter Sunday there is an afternoon omnibus of the first three episodes. So the broadcast times are...
    Episode 1: Sun. 16 Mar. 8-9pm, BBC1
    Episode 2: Mon. 17 Mar. 8.30-9pm, BBC1
    Episode 3: Fri. 21 Mar. 9-10pm, BBC1

    Episodes 1-3 omnibus: Sun. 23, 2.15-4.40pm, BBC1

    Episode 4: Sun. 23 Mar. 7.30-8.00pm, BBC1
    Meanwhile, Mark Goodacre has also pointed out that there are new features on the BBC's Passion sub-site including a timeline, and several new videos.



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