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    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    Spears to Play Virgin Mary?
    Sweet Baby Jesus

    According to Us Weekly Magazine, Britney Spears has been offered the role of Jesus's mother, Mary, in an up and coming comedy on his birth.
    The character Mary is a pregnant 19-year-old unsure of her baby's paternity who goes into labor on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, Maryland, as rumors swirl that the birth is Jesus Christ's second coming.

    "I had to convince my partners because they were like, 'Oh, no. Britney?'" the film's French producer, Philippe Rebboah, tells Us. "But I thought it was brilliant. It's a bit ironic that she would play the Virgin Mary, no?"

    Rebboah says Spears is reviewing the script and will make a decision within days. The film is set to shoot in March. Also mulling roles: Lily Tomlin and Melanie Griffith.
    From that looks like this is a combination of a second coming story and a modern, satirical, take on the Nativity, sort of Hail Mary meets The Seventh Sign.

    Thanks to Peter Chattaway for spotting this one.

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