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    Friday, January 04, 2008

    Jesus Cooks me Breakfast

    Thanks to Jeff Staley for letting me know about this one. Jesus Cooks me Breakfast is a quirky sounding film about Jesus by writer/ director/ producer Jason Antoon (who had a part in The Ten). The official website includes the following plot synopsis:
    JESUS COOKS ME BREAKFAST is a surreal comedy about an unmotivated New Yorker named Jules, who gets a surprise visit from the son of God. While preparing breakfast, Jesus reveals that God is missing and he wants Jules to find him. With relationship problems weighing on him, will Jules be able to motivate and take on this monumental task, or will he fall back into his miserable modern existence and ignore the King of Kings?
    Clearly there's a comic element to the film, but it's hard to know from the site whether it's also raising serious questions as well. Certainly that synopsis suggests that it has potential to do so.The casting on this one also looks interesting given that the role of Jesus will be played by three separate actors, including Daniella Van Graas as Jesus (as a young woman). Here's the cast list:
    Jesus(as young man) - YUL VAZQUEZ
    Jesus(as middle-aged)- JASON ROBARDS III
    Jesus(as young boy) - MARQUIS RODRIGUEZ
    Jesus(as young woman) - DANIELLA VAN GRAAS
    Tracker - KENT ABBETT
    Slotnick will be familiar to some, and Robards's name is familiar because of his Dad (who starred in All the Presidents Men and Magnolia).

    The website also notes that the adventures of Jules will continue with parts 2 and 3 called Satan Buys me a Drink and God Gives me an Apple, but I suspect that's just a joke. The irreverent spin off web site doesn't mention them, although it does contain this background information:
    Even before I existed trackers have been searching and gathering the evidence that is needed to prove the existence of God... My ways may be mysterious but my method is simple - I cook you breakfast and reveal the truth about my missing dad. My specialty? An omelet. This omelet is the only thing that seperates you from becoming a tracker.

    Rules are simple - eat the omelet and you will continue your life the way it was before I arrived. You will forget my visit and everything I have revealed. Do not eat the omelet and you must take on my task and become a tracker.



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