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    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Pete Aitken's Jesus Filmography

    Almost 10 years ago now there was a great online "Jesus Filmography" by Pete Aitken, hosted by the Adult Christianity / Post-fun website. And then it seemed to disappear, which was a real shame as it had a few of the more obscure titles on it such as Irving Rapper's Pontius Pilate (1962).

    Adult Christianity moved and whilst there is an article by Pete Aitken on that site, most of the links went back to the original site, and didn't seem to work.

    As a result I dug out an old copy and published it as a Google document for all to see. If the original ever re-surfaces I'll obviously take it down again, but hopefully it will interest enthusiasts.

    Thankfully it seems like some of that old site is now back up again, including an introductory article and a few pictures. The actual filmography section doesn't seem to be working, nor does the Hollywood squares bit, but many of the other articles linked to from the new Adult Christianity website seem to be back in action.

    Edit: 17/10/2017
    You can view this site now at the Internet Archive


    • At 7:51 pm, December 13, 2007, Blogger Peter T Chattaway said…

      FWIW, there appear to be numerous versions of it archived here, too -- though for some reason the ones I checked all had black lettering on a black background, and were thus impossible to read. At any rate, the text is there, and can be easily extracted.

    • At 8:59 am, December 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I also have a Jesus fimography
      on my PC from 1898 to the Gibson's
      Christ and it's on Italian. I my
      self have recorded to the Dafoe's
      years and no later to Gibson's.
      I also know the page that includes
      this things on Caixadelfantasia
      but the page is blocked.


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