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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Time on Huston's The Bible

    Peter Chattaway is starting to work his way through films featuring Noah's Ark, and having recently watched John Huston's The Bible: In the Beginning he's picked up on the subsequent career of Michael Parks who played Adam.

    More importantly, Peter also linked to an archived article on the film from Time magazine, dating from January 1965 - 18 months before it was released. There's all kinds of things in there, but in particular the film-makers are surprisingly keen, even then, to distance themselves from DeMille. Here are a couple of quotations:
    "The picture won't be like DeMille's," says one of De Laurentiis' assistants. "DeMille would take the 40 years of Moses' life not covered by the Bible and he would create a motion picture story. We have tried faithfully to reproduce and annotate the text of the Bible."...
    ...Sodom has been built out of charred plastic and spreads over 25 acres of Mount Etna. Katherine Dunham and her dancers were called in to provide the sin. Huston filmed Sodom dimly lit, and shied clear of the debauches of DeMille's epics. "There's no obscenity," says Huston, "but you will know unspeakable things are going on."
    I posted some comments on this film from Huston's autobiography a while back. There are also some nice behind the scenes photos available here.



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