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    Friday, April 06, 2007

    Easter TV in the UK

    Unfortunately I've not got time to do a full overview of all the religious TV this Easter, but here are a few of the highlights

    Good Friday
    TCM - 17:10
    The spectacular chariot race is just one of the highlights of this magnificent epic, graced by vast sets, Charlton Heston, and a compelling story. D: William Wyler (1959) - Preceded by short documentary.

    BBC1 - 17:35
    Prince of Egypt
    Animted film of the Moses story.

    Holy Saturday
    TCM - 02:55
    The Prodigal
    Lana Turner plays the sultry temptress who lures a wealthy man into wicked ways in this sumptuous re-telling of the biblical story of The Prodigal Son. D: Richard Thorpe (1955)

    Easter Sunday
    Channel 4 - 21:00
    Secrets of the Dead: Shroud of Christ
    Could the Shroud of Turin really be 2,000 years old? And, if so, does it contain the image of Christ?

    Channel 4 - 22:00
    The Passion of The Christ
    (2004) Mel Gibson's Oscar-nominated film is a dramatic, haunting and visceral telling of Christ's final hours and crucifixion, with James Caviezel as Jesus.



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