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    Monday, December 11, 2006

    Weird Goings on with Koranic Jesus Films

    On Friday I posted about one, or is it two, film(s) about Jesus written from the perspective of the Koran. By accident I missed off the link for a website which seemed to belong to one of them (or was it a third film). So I went back today to try and correct the error. Yet strangely, over the weekend, the site seems to have disappeared. It's still available on Google cache (where would we be without Google cache?), but otherwise it seems to have gone without trace. I can't help the darker side of my imagination running away with this one.

    Meanwhile, Peter Chattaway has done some research on this one, and he seems to think that the film Son of Mary isn't so much of a Jesus film as one where Jesus makes a cameo appearance in a modern day story. Oh, and it seems to be 8 years old (blush). IMDB doesn't have any details for either film, although Peter finds the following capsule review for Son of Mary from the New York Times:
    An unlikely friendship between a young Muslim child and an aging Catholic priest forms the basis for this touching story. Moshen Falsafin plays a little boy whose mother died in childbirth. A good student who works hard to help his father, he is troubled by one thought -- he does not know what his mother looked like. When the boy meets a priest (Rafik Dergabrilian) and expresses his concern, the cleric suggests the boy imagine his mother looked like his portrait of the Virgin Mary. Pesareh Maryam/Son Of Mary was the directorial debut of noted Iranian actor Hamid Jebeli.



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