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    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    "Cut to the Chase" Finally Published

    Back in April I mentioned a (then) forthcoming book called "Cut to the Chase" that a friend of mine had co-written and to which I had contributed a couple of very short chapters. After a two month delay in publishing, the book was finally released on the 8th of June, or thereabouts - already a very significant day for me!

    Having re-read my two chapters, they are better than I remember them, although I'm still slightly disappointed that the two chapters I really cared about didn't make the cut, as I'm told they didn't really fit with the overall thrust of the book. You can still read them though here, and here.
    (I have nothing to do with the picture at the top of that second article by the way).

    I've also read the rest of the book, which is definitely well worth a read. In particular anyone who finds they can't really relate to the "masculine Christianity" of books such as "Wild at Heart" might find this is more their cup of tea.


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