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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Miracle Maker Scene Guide

    Having discussed The Miracle Maker before Easter, I thought I would just add this scene guide> I've done it a little differently this time. Firstly I've been able to add approximate times. Secondly, although I'm still broadly following my citation policy, I've also added references to Luke's gospel and have given it preference here over Matthew's.
    [ 0 mins] Non-scriptural episodes
    [ 7 mins] Birth of Jesus – (Luke 2:6-7)
    [ 7 mins] †Shepherds – (Luke 2:16-17)
    [ 8 mins] †Boy Jesus in the temple – (Luke 2:42-50)
    [ 9 mins] Baptism of Jesus – (Mark 1:4-11)
    [11 mins] Temptation of Jesus – (Luke 4:1-13)
    [14 mins] †Mary and Martha – (Luke 10:38-42)
    [18 mins] *House on The Rock – (Matt 7:24-27)
    [21 mins] Miraculous Catch of Fish – (Luke 5:1-11)
    [26 mins] Paralytic Through the Roof – (Mark 2:1-12 / Luke 5:17-26)
    [30 mins] Choosing the 12 Disciples – (Mark 3:1-13 / Luke 6:12-26)
    [36 mins] Bleeding Woman / Jairus’ Daughter – (Mark 5:21-43 / Luke 8:40-56)
    [44 mins] Greatest like a child – (Matt 18:1-5)
    [45 mins] †Good Samaritan – (Luke 10:25-37)
    [48 mins] *Lazarus Raised From the Dead – (John 11:1-46)
    [51 mins] Triumphal Entry – (Mark 11:7-10 / Luke 19:35-38)
    [52 mins] *One Man to Die for all the People – (John 11:47-48)
    [53 mins] Cleansing the Temple – (Mark 11:15-19 / Luke 19:45-48)
    [54 mins] Taxes to Cesar? – (Mark 12:13-17 / Luke 20:20-26)
    [56 mins] Judas' Betrayal – (Mark 14:10-11 / Luke 22:1-6)
    [57 mins] The Last Supper – (Mark 14:17-31 / Luke 22:14-39)
    [59 mins] The Garden of Gethsemene – (Mark 14:32-42 / Luke 22:40-46)
    [63 mins] The Arrest – (Mark 14:43-50 / Luke 22:47-53)
    [65 mins] Peter Denies Jesus – (Luke 22:54-62)
    [66 mins] Sanhedrin Trial - (Mark 14:53-64 / Luke 22:66-71)
    [67 mins] Pilate 1st trial - (Luke 23:1-7)
    [68 mins] Before Herod - (Luke 23:8-12)
    [69 mins] Pilate 2nd trial - (Luke 23:13-25)
    [70 mins] Road to the Cross – (Mark 15:20-22 / Luke 23:26-27)
    [72 mins] Crucifixion and Death – (Mark 5:22-41 / Luke 23:33-49)
    [75 mins] Burial – (Mark 15:42-47 / Luke 15:50-56)
    [76 mins] *Appearance to Mary – (John 20:1, 11-17)
    [77 mins] *Mary Tells Peter – (John 20:18)
    [78 mins] *Peter Goes To the Tomb – (John 20:3-10; ~21:15-19)
    [79 mins] †The Upper Room – (Luke 24:33-35)
    [80 mins] †Road to Emmaus – (Luke 24:13-32)
    [81 mins] Jesus appears to the disciples – (Luke 26-38)
    [82 mins] Jesus and Thomas – (John 20:25, 27-29)
    [83 mins] †The Ascension – (Luke 24:48-53)
    A Few Notes
    The film is essentially a version of Luke's gospel, both in form and function. From a functional point of view it was created by Christians with a view of telling their story to those who don't know it. Luke's gospel is often called the "most evangelistic", and this seems to have been a key motivation for making this version.

    From a form point of view, not only the does the film follow the synoptic order of events, it also prioritises texts from Luke. So prior to the resurrection, all but 3 episodes shown are found in Luke's gospel (indicated by an asterisk*). After the resurrection the script switches to John as the primary source, such that there are a further 3 episodes not found in Luke. However, the shape of the narrative at this point remains Lucan with the discovery by women, Simon seeing Jesus (24:34), the appearance on the Road to Emmaus, and then just a single appearance to the disciples in the upper room. The Johanine inclusions are more flourishes within that broader narrative than the text that defines the text of the narrative. This made it hard to cite the relevant texts for this part of the story!

    Secondly, the story contains 7 episodes that are unique to Luke, with several others (such as the baptism scene) prioritising Luke's version over the other gospels. This is the most for any of the gospels, although a number of incidents are unique to John. Interestingly these are often moulded far more significantly by the screenwriter (Murray Watts - who deserves a great deal of credit for his skilful writing here).

    This film is also the only film that shows the Road to Emmaus episode, although the Genesis Project's extended version of Luke (from which the Jesus film was edited - see scene guide) obviously had to include it.

    The film shows more post-resurrection episodes than any other save perhaps the recent Gospel of John (2003)

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    • At 6:39 pm, April 20, 2006, Blogger Peter T Chattaway said…

      FWIW, the 1985 mini-series A.D. Anno Domini begins with the Road to Emmaus, and then goes on to adapt much of the Book of Acts (while also telling parallel historical and fictitious storylines involving the Roman emperors). The Road to Emmaus sequence in A.D. Anno Domini -- including the Upper Room bit that follows, with Thomas openly doubting the testimony of Cleopas and his friend -- is, in fact, one of my favorite sequences from any Jesus movie ever.

    • At 5:00 pm, September 02, 2019, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      this is excellent. i'm an RE teacher, this film is a valuable resource when teaching about the life of Jesus- your 'minutes' list is a great help to me.

    • At 9:03 am, January 24, 2020, Blogger Matt Page said…

      Glad you found it helpful, thanks for the feedback


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