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    Friday, March 10, 2006

    More Bible Films coming to DVD

    Over at FilmChat, Peter Chattaway reports on how the Easter season is bringing with it a host of old religious epics coming to DVD!. Peter's most excited about the 50th Anniversary edition of The Ten Commandments (1956), which also includes the earlier silent film by DeMille as well (a little bit like how he recent release of Ben Hur did this - see my earlier blog posts). As I already have both these films, albeit on VHS, I'm less excited by that than he is.

    What I am excited by is the release of David and Bathsheba (1951) which I've never actually seen. It's one of the Films that Babington and Evans discuss at length in "Biblical Epics", plus it stars Gregory Peck who is one of my favourite actors. (Just the other night my wife and I were watching him in Big Country (1958) which is the film, linking these two DVDs as it also stars Charlton Heston). From a timing point of view having recently watched one of the earliest David films, I'm keen to see what one of the most famous is actually like.


    By the way, the review of Jesus will either appear later today, or more likely on Monday.

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