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    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    Young Avraham Movie
    Film Based on Abraham's Childhood

    Peter Chattaway has news of a forthcoming film based on the Jewish Midrash. Young Avraham will follows the childhood of Abraham upto the point that he burst onto the scene in Genesis 11. Peter thinks this is the first example of a film being released which is based primarily on a midrashic tale (as opposed to merely incorporating midrashic accounts to flesh out a biblical story).

    The film's official production blog contains a good number of production stills as well as come clips from the film which have been put on YouTube. The animation looks very similar to the biblical parts of last year's Friends and Heroes. There's also a summary of the story which is useful for those of us who are not that familiar with it.

    It's a bit unclear what's happening with the release of this one. The official site says it will "be available for purchase Winter 2007", but that's been and gone and there are no links or anything which suggests you can buy it yet. Moreover, there's nothing at Amazon as of yet.

    I hope it makes it. It certainly sounds like an interesting idea.

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