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    Friday, July 27, 2007

    Blog Changes

    I've finally got around to tidying up my sidebar, as well as adding a better way of indexing labels (as I now have 94 !) So I've added 4 new pages which breakdown the list of all labels into those for Jesus films, Old Testament / Hebrew Bible films, and New Testament film labels as well as a list of
    labels by the biblical character's name (e.g. all films on Paul).

    I've then added a new sidebar section for labels (which includes links to those new pages) as well as splitting up the rather unwieldy "Out now and coming soon" section into two (and again trying to base it around labels where possible). Hopefully this will make this blog somewhat easier to navigate.

    Wish there was a quick way to do this, but for now I'll have to keep doing it the long way (and try not to add any more labels!)


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