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    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    New, Unrated Trailer for The Ten

    There's a new trailer for The Ten available on the official website. I should probably warn you, however, that anyone who is easily offended might not want to watch it. It certainly won't be passed as a PG if, and when, it gets rated. That said it's a good piece of work. There are a few funny lines and the camera work, cinematography etc. all look way above par for an indie comedy. The original teaser trailer can be downloaded from YouTube.

    There's also an brief photo piece on the cast and crew from March's Premiere, and brief references to it in a longer Premiere interview with Wain, Rudd and Marino. Finally there's an interview with director David Wain in this month's Mean Magazine. You have to buy the actual magazine to read it, but there is a collection of "intimate" photos available from the website.

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