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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Nativity News vol.9

    Nativity Story Queen Spoo seems to be doing a brilliant job of hunting down various members of the cast and crew for exclusive interviews. A couple of weeks ago she interviewed composer Mychael Danna. Her latest is an interview with Alexander Siddig who plays the Angel Gabriel. From the promo shot (right), it looks like Gabriel's costume will be very traditional (in contrast to say the highly creative angel costumes of Son of Man), and Siddig's answers suggest this too. Peter Chattaway has already done a fairly thorough analysis of the interview so I've not got anything to add.

    Secondly, I have discovered another blog devoted to this film. News of the Nativity Story is run by Thur Broeders, who has been runnign it since May. There are a few extra features I've missed there including a recent piece on Ciarin Hinds from the Daily Telegraph, and a fairly interesting piece from The Oregonian.

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    • At 5:01 pm, September 29, 2006, Blogger queen_spoo said…

      Thanks, Matt! I hope to have more to add in the near future...

      I did also come across that "Nativity News" blog a few weeks ago, and thought I'd seen most of what they had posted...but I did quote from the article they included about Ciaran Hinds in my post about him, since I hadn't seen that one yet:


      However, I don't recall reading the Oregonian article...thanks for that. I'll have to post it, of course!



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